Benefits of Dancing – Atlanta

If you are thinking about starting dance lessons in Atlanta, good for you! There are so many benefits that go along with dancing, and Kurt Senser will be happy to serve as your guide to a happier, healthier, lifestyle around dance.

Who typically attends dance classes?

Kurt Senser, a highly respected dance instructor, attracts a wide variety of people to his group dance classes and private dance lessons. The age range spreads from eager teenagers to retired people in their 80s. The majority of our group classes are filled with people in their 30s – 70s.

Why do people take dance classes?

If you were to take a survey, most men attend dance classes because they’d like to meet more ladies (which is why Kurt got into dancing), or because of strong encouragement from their wives. Most women, on the other hand, have grown up with a love of dancing and they attend dance classes for the dual benefits of exercise and meeting new people.

What keeps people dancing?

There are so many benefits to being a member of an active dance community. The social aspect is huge! Dance classes and dance clubs are a safe environment that allows people to meet, share a love for music, and feel a deeper connection with those around them. Plus, dancing is known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease by 50%. Dancing is healing, and it helps you leave behind all the stresses that followed you throughout the day. But most importantly, it’s a fun way to move and express yourself through breathing, rhythm, and music!

How does dancing affect my health?

Dancing benefits your health in so many ways! Dancing moves your body and helps oxygenate your lungs, your blood, your brain, and your internal organs. Partner dancing exercises your mind and creates an environment where you make rapid-fire decisions and improve your reflex response times. Dancing strengthens your muscles, lengthens your range of motion, and improves your balance. Dancing helps you age gracefully and keeps your core engaged, so you reduce the risk of falling and hurting yourself. If all these health benefits weren’t enough, dancing helps you feel and look young again!

Where should I go for group classes or private dance lessons?

If you live in the Atlanta Metro area and want to dance, sign up for dance lessons with Kurt Senser and see how much fun dancing can be. Kurt Senser can be found dancing and teaching dance classes at the Academy Ballroom Atlanta, 800 Miami Cir NE #140, Atlanta, GA 30324. To schedule a free ½ hour of introductory wedding dance instruction, sign up for group dance classes, or private dancing lessons, contact Kurt Senser at 925-895-1488 or